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 卒業唱書 -Departure- / Release Date : March 3, 2012

2010年10月の母校の中学校での凱旋ライブを通し、生徒さん達に贈った応援歌「Good Luck~君達に贈る歌~」が、このアルバムの出発点となり、ここに「卒業唱書~Departure~」が生まれる。

In October 2010, I performed triumphal live concert at the alma mater of the junior high school. I played "Good Luck" which I wrote a new for them in the live concert.
They and the "Good Luck" has become the origin of the idea of this album. I wrote down a further three songs for the album.
In March 2012, I dedicate to them the album "Departure". And I released an album to share this album with friends and fans of the world. "Congratulations on your graduation!"
01. 旅立ちの朝 ~Graduation~
02. Good Luck 2012 ~君達に贈る歌~
03. 大切な命(たから) ~Treasure~
04. 卒業唱書 ~Departure~
05. Good Luck 2012 ~君達に贈る歌~ (Instrumental)
06. 大切な命(たから) ~Treasure~ (Instrumental)
07. 卒業唱書 ~Departure~ (Instrumental)
卒業唱書 -Departure- LYRICS
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