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Story of Sukiyaki Project 2019 -English-

First of all, "Sukiyaki" is Japanese famous song "Ue wo Muite Arukou". This song is released in 1961 and sings by Kyu Sakamoto. It is a song that won the first place in the US Billboard.


I collaborated with this song "Sukiyaki" with Chilean female singer Erika. This "Sukiyaki" project started with Erika's a cappella sound source. She emailed the sound source to me. Erika offered to work with me using that sound source.


I first heard her a cappella sound source. Erika is a Chilean, but she sang brilliantly "Sukiyaki" in Japanese. I was surprised at her singing. She is a really great singer. I did not record "cover song" basically, but decided to receive her offer.

Her singing voice was great, but it was difficult to match the tempo when recording. So I decided the tempo of the recording based on her singing voice. And I made a simple demo sound source of "Sukiyaki" and asked Erika to record vocals again. Later, she emailed me a great acapella sound source again.

I started recording based on her new acapella sound source. When I first heard her a cappella sound source, I thought it would be better to record it acoustically. So I focused on recording acoustic guitars. For the recording of the instruments, I arranged the music using the piano, mellotron, tambourine and piccolo etc. Then I also recorded a back vocal along with Erika's singing voice.

I tried not to overproduce in this project. The recording of this "Sukiyaki" project went well, and the acoustic version of "Sukiyaki" was completed.


I sent her the finished "Sukiyaki" sound source, but she immediately listened to that sound source and sent me a message of joy and gratitude. Reading her message, I was convinced that this project was successful. To be honest, there are many cover versions of "Sukiyaki" all over the world. However, I am very proud of the cover version of "Sukiyaki" with Erika. This project is not just a cover version of Sukiyaki. Through this project, I was able to build a deep bond as a friend, as a musician, with Erika. And then, the bonds between "Chile" and "Japan" have deepened. That's really great.


As mentioned above, Erika is a really great singer, and her personality is also great. So I received an offer for this project, and this "Sukiyaki" project was a great experience for me. I am very happy that I can introduce "Sukiyaki" project and Erika on my website in this way. I am very grateful to Erika. Arigatou, Erika!


Finally, I would like to dedicate this "Sukiyaki" project to our precious friend Pralo who is in heaven.

He was a great musician, but he passed away the other day. I hope he is pleased with our collaboration in Heaven. He was such a great person. I will never forget about him. May he rest in peace.


Then I hope you enjoy the music and videos of our "Sukiyaki" project.

Toshikazu Maruno -Signature-
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