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Happy Smile Happy Tuesday / Release Date: July 30, 2015

「Museca♪Style」(FMぎんが 78.6MHz)火曜日の新しいオープニングソング。彼の「今日一番の笑顔で」が2013年4月より「Museca♪Style」のオープニングソングに起用された事で、彼が「Museca♪Style」火曜日の為に新たに書き下ろした楽曲。それがこの「Happy Smile Happy Tuesday」。朝(午前中)の番組だけに、明るく爽やかなメロディーとポップでロックなサウンドが特徴的なナンバー。

This song is a new opening song of Tuesday "Museca Style"(FM Ginga 78.6MHz). Maruno's "Best Smile" is decided on the opening song of the radio show(Museca♪Style) from April, 2013. He pays tribute to the program, and was newly written a song for the program. And "Happy Smile Happy Tuesday" was completed. This song has an uplifting sound and light and airy melodies worthy of the morning show.
01. Happy Smile Happy Tuesday ~Full Version~
02. Happy Smile Happy Tuesday ~Radio Edit Version~
03. Happy Smile Happy Tuesday ~Instrumental Version~
Happy Smile Happy Tuesday -LYRICS
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