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Last December, I was in a very difficult situation, and my spirit was very unstable. I needed to concentrate on music. I got some ideas about the new album. I was recording these ideas on the iPhone with the acoustic guitar.

One evening in December, I used to write songs with acoustic guitar as usual. But that evening I stopped writing songs. I felt the need to expel the sorrow and loss in my mind. I wrote my feelings in a notebook for lyrics. I lost "you", but at the same time I also lost the word "I love you". I got a guitar again and put a melody on the poem I wrote.
The poem turned into lyrics. The lyrics needed a melody, and that melody seemed to show me my feelings. And I took two days to write out one sad love song. That song was titled "OUT OF THE BLUE", and I think that the song expresses my sorrow and loss feeling well.
When I wrote this song, I had no plan to record this song, nor did I intend to release it. Because I was able to heal this sorrow by writing this song. Just a little. I wanted to finish this song in me. But in the end I decided to record this song. It's like fate as an artist.

I was planning to record this song only with vocals and acoustic guitar. I wanted to make it a simple composition work. I felt that I do not need back vocals for this song. I wanted to put my feelings to this song with just one vocal track. However, I think that you will understand when you listen to this song, but this finished song became a rock ballad that the band plays. But as I planned, I proceeded recording with only vocals and acoustic guitar. But in my mind, the sound of the band was heard as an arrangement of this song. So I added the arrangement of the band to this song from the end of 1st chorus. Eventually this song became a rock ballad, but I like the finish of this song. There is no English translation about the lyrics of the new song this time, but I am glad if you listen to this song and you feel something from my singing voice, melody, and sound.

I wrote it first, but last December I was in the worst situation. Now, in April, I think that the scar of my heart was healed somewhat by making this song. However, the facts that have happened and the scars of the heart will not disappear. In the same way I hurt someone's heart ... This song has become a big meaning to me.

I am grateful that you read my poor English text till the end. I wrote English sentences to tell many people about this song. I am glad if the thought of this song is transmitted to you even a little.

I hope you enjoy the new song "OUT OF THE BLUE - Monday's Scars -".

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