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  • 執筆者の写真Toshikazu Maruno


Today I uploaded a new song "For U" I wrote last week to YouTube. It is an acoustic version of "For U" from "The Last Chapter". "The Last Chapter" is the title name of the album that I will release in the future. So now I started writing songs for that album. "For U" is the first song written for "The Last Chapter". Like the "Gratitude" that I released in 2014, I hope someday a new album will be completed. I will continue to write songs for the new album in the future. If I continue to follow the path of music in the future. Please check the link for "For U" below. By the way, "For U" is a love song that I sang a woman I fell in love with. I could not forget her singing voice and I thought of her and wrote songs. Such a song. 



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