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  • 執筆者の写真Toshikazu Maruno


今年もお盆がやってきた。お盆の時期に合わせるように、庭先の百日紅も優しいピンク色の花を咲かせた。今年も厳しい暑さに負けず、庭先の百日紅の花が咲き誇っている。母が亡くなって8年目の夏、亡き母はその百日紅の花を眺め楽しむのが好きだった。そんな亡き母の姿を百日紅の花に重ね、今年も亡き母に捧げた「母よ、」を歌った。お盆には迎え火に導かれ、我が家に亡き父と一緒に戻ってくるだろう。そして今年も亡き母は我が家で寛ぎ、そして庭先の百日紅の花を楽しむ事だろう… そして僕は、このお盆期間中、提灯の明かりの下で亡き両親と暫し語り合うだろう。いつも僕や家族の事を見守ってくれる亡き両親に心から感謝している。 It is "Obon" from August 13th to 16th in Japan. So as to match its time, the crape myrtle flowers have a lot of bloom this summer too. My late mother was like to enjoy watching the flowers of the crape myrtle. She had loved the flowers of the crape myrtle. I remembered my late mother, and I sang the song "Mother" I dedicated to my late mother for her this summer too. My late parents will come back to our house in Obon. I will talk with my late parents for a while during the Bon period. For the explanation of "Obon" please look at the following. Obon is an event in Japan to worship the spirits of ancestors. It is carried out from August 13 to 16 in most of areas in Japan. Obon was formed by fusing the Japanese ancient ancestral spirits faith and Buddha. It is said that ancestral spirits and descendants come back to the family in the Obon period. It is said that the first Obon was carried out in 606. 



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