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  • 執筆者の写真Toshikazu Maruno

LOVE -Practice videos for "Yatsushiro Live"

今回は事情により、10月7日の「八代ライブ」の参加がキャンセルとなった。勿論、その為の練習(5曲)はしていたので、その練習風景のビデオのリンクをブログで共有したいと思います。「絵(映像)」を優先させたビデオ撮影でしたので、音(ヴォーカル)は良くありませんが、良かったら観て下さい。 I was planning to appear in "Yatsushiro Live" on October 7th. But for some reason my appearance has been canceled. That was unavoidable. I was practicing for Yatsushiro live. This time I was shooting video of practice scenery. Five songs. So, I would like to introduce those videos also on my blog. Honestly, it may be boring as it is a practice video. I am having fun playing though. Today I will introduce "LOVE" from practice video. 



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