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The Story Of "Beautifully Sad Rain" -English / Toshikazu Maruno

One day in January 2019, "Beautifully Sad Rain", which I first wrote for movies, was decided as the theme song of the movie "Exorcism Experiment". That was a great honor for me.



A certain day of November 2018, I got a message from old friend Ms. Renee Ebert. She is a writer and a producer of films. She talked to me, "It's a spooky movie. Sad or eerie music is best, if you have any ballads. Any action music is great too." To tell the truth, I did not have music of such content. However, I had songs that would be helpful. It was "Tears And Rain" which is included in the album "Gratitude". This song was a very sad love song, but with the intro of this song I was using the SE's gimmick. I was using "thunder" and "rain sound" with the SE's gimmick.


I immediately replied to Ms. Ebert and asked her to listen to "Tears And Rain". She liked the gimmick of the intro SE of "Tears And Rain" and asked me, "Can you write songs with thunder, rain sound, and choir?" To be honest, I hesitated from the offer. Because, as a songwriter, I have never written a movie soundtrack before. However, I liked foreign movies and overseas TV dramas and I was watching them well. So, through the music used in the play, I was able to learn to some extent about writing movie soundtracks. After thinking about the offer for a while, I told Ebert, "I will write the soundtrack for that movie."


I started writing movie soundtracks using "thunder", "rain sound" and "choir". Even if I say "write", I can’t read the score and I can’t write notes on the score. Therefore, I imagined that movie, and I proceeded composing while making full use of the sound source software I normally use. Fortunately, those source software gave me a lot of ideas and inspiration. Thanks to them, I was able to finish the movie soundtrack. I named the song "Beautifully Sad Rain". This song is a song with a beautiful melody, and this song has sadness and eeriness.


When I finished "Beautifully Sad Rain", I thought about making a music video of this song regardless of the content of the movie. For that video, I checked and downloaded any free photos and video footage. And using these photos and video footage, I made a music video of "Beautifully Sad Rain" on iPhone 6 Plus and PC.

 "Why did I make music videos?"

First of all, when I write a new song, I am making a music video. Secondly, if "Beautifully Sad Rain" does not become a movie soundtrack for that movie, it will remain as my work.


As for me, I like both music and music video of "Beautifully Sad Rain". So I really appreciate that Ms. Ebert likes this song and has decided this song for the theme song of the movie "Exorcism Experiment".


I hope that "Beautifully Sad Rain" will be used in the end roll of the movie "Exorcism Experiment", but that is my dream. I hope that this film will be released and succeed.


Finally, you who read "The story of Beautifully Sad Rain", I hope you will enjoy listening to this song and watching the video.

Toshikazu Maruno -Signature-
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