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Gratitude / Release Date : August 6, 2014

Filled with appreciation of his friends and fans, “Gratitude” is the 3rd album by TOSHIKAZU MARUNO.
This latest “rock album” is filled with Maruno’s favorite 80’s style western rock music and overcomes the language barrier with listeners around the world. Positive feelings and a brisk sound flow through this album, please enjoy Maruno’s new world.
01. "ありがとう"友よ ~Thank You For Being A Friend~
02. This Is My Life
03. 君がこの世に生まれた日 ~Happy Birthday My Darling~
04. Victory Road ~木佐貫 洋投手 応援歌~
06. Tears And Rain
07. 10th Anniversary
08. LOVE ~愛する人のために~
09. Your Happiness Is My Happiness
10. Goodnight Sweetheart
11. Thanks To You ~I Love Mom~ *
12. Love's Embrace ~この愛を抱きしめて…~ *
*Bonus Tracks
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